Primo Grill

Looking for a great outdoor cooking experience? Look no further than a Primo Grill!

Primo grills are relative new outdoor grills/smokers.  They are constructed of a high-durability, attractive ceramic exterior, and are some of the best outdoor cookers you can buy today.  The Primo XL Oval is known as the ultimate outdoor ceramic cooker and smoker.

Primo Ceramic

All Primo grill products are constructed of ceramic.  Ceramic is the ideal material for grills, cookers, and smokers, because of its superior heat spreading and retaining properties.  Ceramic grills are known for their exceptionally even cooking abilities.  In a Primo ceramic grill, every square inch of the internal chamber reaches the exact same temperature.

In a standard charcoal grill, the briquettes can cause uneven heating.  The hotter areas are confined to the space directly over the hottest coals, leaving some cool areas, which can lead to unevenly cooked meats.  In gas grills, the steel sidings provide poor insulation over the cooking surface, resulting is wasted energy, and heat left to trail out into the atmosphere.

A ceramic grill, however, provides perfectly even heating across the entire cooking space.  This leads to the most perfectly cooked steaks, chicken, fish, pork, and virtually any other meat or vegetable you can imagine.

Primo 778 XL Oval

This is the flagship of the Primo grill models.  The XL Oval is a grilling masterpiece in its own right, and is like nothing else ever offered on the market before.  This is simply the best outdoor cooking grill/smoker money can buy, and it looks good too.

The XL Oval wasn’t given its name just to sound good… it really is a large oval!  Offering 400 square inches of cooking space, it is the largest ceramic grill on the market.  There are also extra rack extension upgrades available, which expand the already large cooking space up to an astonishing 680 square inches.

The Primo XL Oval features a premium-grade ceramic exterior, with a good looking, scratch and weather-resistant porcelain glaze.  The glaze helps to protect the grills exterior surface, as well as keep heat contained.  A cast iron vent and precision thermometer also round out the exterior features.

The XL Oval ceramic grill uses a unique, easy to clean porcelain cooking grid.  The grid assists in heat retention and distribution, and also acts as a no-stick surface.  This makes moving meats around on the grill a snap, and keeps clean-up quick and easy.  No elbow grease required.

The Primo XL Oval grill is proudly made in the USA, and offers a 20-year warranty for all of the ceramic parts.  That is simply amazing, as most people will easily go through 20 grills in as many years.  When you buy a Primo Ceramic grill, you are definitely getting your moneys worth.